Frank Thomas has overcome every obstacle placed in his path to achieve success in life and business.

Frank Thomas has captivated and inspired audiences and clients at Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and community organizations, and institutions of higher learning for over a decade on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion and other human resource management challenges to areas of personal development.

After years of working in corporate America, Frank tapped into a higher sense of purpose and began to walk in the direction of his passion of helping others grow to their full potential. He found that nothing short of the pursuit of this passion would satisfy. Today, guiding and inspiring others to live a life of destiny is his calling and commitment.

Frank has coached and inspired many executives, business owners and professionals to overcome obstacles that keep them from fulfilling their greatest business and personal goals. He earns credibility and trust with audiences and clients in short order. His sincere style and passion for helping others achieve incredible results in their lives, careers, and businesses fuels lasting friendships and invites expressions of gratitude from those who engage him and receive his pragmatic and proven advice.

Frank discovered his gift for speaking at his college graduation ceremony where he was the student commencement speaker. After delivering that speech, he was approached by many of his fellow classmates and other audience members and told by a host of them that it was the most powerful speech they’d ever heard. He knew that day that inspiring people to achieve and live a life of destiny was his calling.

Frank recently completed the greatest project of his life-to-date. He published his first book, a best-selling memoir, “RISE: Even Death Can’t Stop Me.” It’s the story of his personal journey to overcome a childhood marred by poverty, addiction, abandonment, and bad choices, and how he took every thing that should have been a reason to quit and turned it into a reason to succeed. The premise of this life-changing, transformational book is: “Your past does not define your destiny unless you allow it to, and people are greater than their circumstances.”

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Originally from the Midwest, Frank graduated from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Before starting his own coaching and consulting practice, he was vice president of human resources for The Ryland Group, Inc., a publicly traded, Fortune 500 company and one of the nation’s largest homebuilders. Frank also served as the executive director of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Positive Alternatives for Youth, whose mission is to walk alongside parents and community stakeholders in educating and influencing at-risk youth to make good choices that positively impacts their futures. Frank began his professional career at Deloitte & Touche in the firm’s assurance and advisory services functions. He is a licensed CPA (inactive) in the state of California.