As a speaker, Frank Thomas brings an incredible amount of experience, enthusiasm, and energy to every engagement. He’s passionate about a range of topics, from overcoming adversity to achieve success to how to exude leadership without having actual authority and a gamut of topics in between. With a captivating, powerful and authentic voice and style, Frank fits into any event as a keynote or inspirational speaker.

Besides sharing his own personal stories of overcoming adversity to create success, Frank will share messages from the heart that are transformational and pragmatic. His energy is persuasive and he establishes rapport with any audience.

The best speaker for your event will create presentations where the style and message content blends perfectly with the goals of your group or company. Whether its to inspire your employees, a youth group or rally a community behind a cause, Frank is the right speaker for your event because of his unique style, stories, experience and powerful messaging.

Here are just a few groups where Frank’s presentations and speaking skills are a natural fit:

  • Schools — From middle school to colleges and universities, Frank inspires young people to tap into their inner greatness, promoting hope and positive self-identity. He can address a range of social issues that help young people understand they are not alone and possess unique talents and skills that can change the world. He tailors his messages to validate the next generation of global leaders and inspires them to overcome self-doubt, challenges and obstacles, while being true to themselves and preparing them to take their place in the world.

  • Corporations — It takes a skilled speaker to inspire employees to see the vision required to set and achieve corporate goals. Frank tailors his speeches and presentations to address a wide-range of corporate issues, from leadership and productivity to cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion. His engaging style and captivating stories enhance his ability to engage his audience and deliver a message employees need to hear to inspire and motivate them to stretch for business success.
  • Nonprofit Groups — Success for a nonprofit group often means instilling a powerful sense of community and mission. Frank’s messages resonate because he has first-hand experience in providing hope and solutions for overcoming obstacles and reaching success. Whether it’s a youth group that needs to hear how to persevere when feeling powerless or a marginalized group seeking inspiration and validation, Frank will ensure each issue is addressed to have a life- changing impact on listeners.
  • Faith-based Organizations — When a community comes together to listen to an uplifting and inspiring message, great things happen within that group. Frank can help faith-based communities increase in love and understanding as they grow stronger together. Messages of hope, love and charity will be well received whenever Frank incorporates powerful, faith-promoting stories into his talks rooted in Christian beliefs.

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  • Testimonial

    Frank is a captivating and awe-inspiring speaker and consultant. Hiring him as a career and diversity expert was one of the best things we've ever done. Not only is he engaging, he is someone that you will never forget. People are still talking about his speech.

    –Edwin B., Executive Director, 
    The Walt Disney Company

  • Testimonial

    I was impressed and inspired. Frank’s passion is very evident. He helped us connect diversity on an interpersonal level and understand where we have become complacent.

    –Dave C.,
    Vice President, The Walt Disney Company

  • Testimonial

    I was inspired. Frank is very personable and can relate to every member of the entire audience. His message was extremely effective.

    –Leena M., Director, 
    The Walt Disney Company

  • Testimonial

    You gave me a newfound hope. I now know my current circumstances can't stop me.

    –Jin Kyung P., Student 
    University High School

  • Testimonial

    Many times I felt like giving up and not trying anymore. You never gave up. You didn't allow your circumstances to stop you. Your story inspired me to never give up.

    –Ashley C., Student,
    University High School

  • Testimonial

    Mr. Thomas's speech was exceptional and very inspirational to our young boys, their parents and our staff. He is very welcoming and approachable and everyone was able to connect to his message.

    –Mauel M., Behaviorist Counselor,
    A Place Called Home