“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Christopher Columbus

To reach your potential, you must have the courage to change. However, making changes that lead to greater success can be daunting and scary. Managing change requires an experienced guide who can support you through the process. When it comes to business, career,  and life coaching, Frank Thomas understands your challenges and leads you to success.

Frank empowers his clients and provides them with the right tools, strategies and support needed to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether you’re a professional who feels stuck in your current position, a business owner who has already reached significant success but realizes there are new goals to achieve, or someone who is trying to determine their path in life, you will benefit from Frank’s coaching methods.

Be prepared to move out of your comfort zone as Frank supports and challenges you to set new goals and action plans and walks with you until they are achieved. He’ll inspire you to gather the courage to move forward, make changes and be the best version of yourself possible. Along your journey, Frank will be your advocate and most vocal supporter, acknowledging your milestones and celebrating your successes.

Using a variety of effective teaching and coaching methods, Frank helps:

  • bring clarity to your business, career and life
  • sharpen your focus and identify what you want most and how to achieve that
  • harness the motivation to get unstuck and move forward by implementing realistic action plans
  • minimize the fear and uncertainty that comes when you challenge yourself to break through the boundary of your comfort zone
  • make progress toward your goals and provides candid and objective feedback
  • inspire you to accomplish goals and maintain momentum
  • challenge you to believe in the power of yourself and to never quit

Frank offers a range of coaching plans designed to help clients reach their potential. Contact Frank for your complimentary coaching session and get on the path to greater success.

  • Testimonial

    In just five short months, I was able to double the goal that was set for me by my department head at the beginning of the year.  Working with Frank has catapulted my career and thinking, providing insight that would have taken me many years and many more mistakes to understand.  I recommend Frank to anyone who wants to do more with their career and knows they are capable, but can’t find the time or the focus to commit to their personal success.  Frank knows his value and he helped me understand mine better than I ever had before.

    –Derrick A., CFA

  • Testimonial

    Coaching with Frank is life changing.  Frank’s like that guy who arrives when your truck is stuck in the mud.  He helps push you out and all the while he’s getting your stuff flung all over him and then BAMM!  You’re out.  He’s completely covered in mud and he’s still smiling wishing you a safe and prosperous day.

    –Kurt R.
    Small business owner

  • Testimonial

    As a coach, Frank has unique way of seeing the things you don't say. He's intuitive that way. He is a compassionate, caring, wise and spiritually grounded individual who has taken life's lessons and experiences and put them into service for those who dare to live bigger than what they're giving themselves.

    –Dr. G. "Larry" B., MD
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

  • Testimonial

    Frank is unbelievably bright, strategic and intuitive. He is a "people person" who has a natural ability to intuitively connect with folks quickly. Over the years of working with Frank, I've found him to be a man of the highest integrity. It has been nothing but an extreme pleasure to work with Frank and I would recommend him highly.

    –Peter E.
    Management Consultant