What is your attitude toward the future?  What do you expect the future to hold for you?  Do you think things will get better or worse for you?

Answer the following questions related to your expectations for the coming year and beyond:

Do you expect your annual income to go up or down?  Up / Down

Do you expect your net worth to increase or decrease?  Increase / Decrease

Do you expect to have more or fewer business or career opportunities?  More / Fewer

Do you expect your marriage (or most significant relationship) to get better or worse?  Better / Worse

Do you expect your bond with your children to get better or worse?  Better / Worse

Do you expect to have more or fewer friendships?  More / Fewer

Do you expect your faith to be stronger or weaker?  Stronger / Weaker

Do you expect to be in better or worse physical condition?  Better / Worse

If you’re like most people, your answers reflect that you expect the days ahead to be better.  Now, let me ask you one more question:

Why do you think that?

Is your expectation based on anything other than a vague hope that your life will get better?  I trust it is.

For many people, it’s not.  They just figure tomorrow is bound to be better.  In fact, the worse some people feel about today, the more they exaggerate how good tomorrow is likely to be.  They have a lottery mindset.  Hoping for a good future without investing in today is like a farmer waiting for a crop without planting any seed.

That’s not you.  You understand the importance of investing in yourself to attain the success you desire.

With 2014 only days away, many people desiring a better life will attempt to make a New Year’s resolution (i.e. make more money, get a promotion, get in better shape, increase business revenue).  But for all the good intentions, only a tiny fraction of people keep their resolutions; in fact, research suggests that just 8% achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

Why is that?

Most New Year’s resolutions are wishes, not goals.  A wish means it would be “nice to have if it happens but, if not, oh well.”  A goal means it is something “I really want to happen and I’ll figure out how to go about it and put in the necessary effort.”  Most people who are serious about changing set goals.

Those who are serious about getting physically fit hire a personal trainer.  Why?  Because their goal is important to them and they’re willing to invest in themselves to fulfill the lifestyle they’ve chosen.  They want something and they’ll do what’s required to achieve their desired results.

I’m not sure if achieving greater success for your business, career, or life is important to you.  But if it is, I’d be happy to speak with you about how you can set and achieve the goals you have that will make 2014 your best year yet!

To you success,

Frank Thomas
C.O.A.C.H. “FT”
Cultivator Of A Champion’s Heart™

Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker and
Author of the forthcoming book
RISE:  Even Death Can’t Stop Me”

P.S.  If you have a business partner, colleague, friend, or loved one who you know is not satisfied with their current business, career, or life success, give them the GIFT of a lifetime…a coach.  Gift certificates available.

“Until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain required to change, you won’t.”